Spice it up!

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  I've seen ways to spice up your marriage, your sex life and your kale but aside from healthy relationships and green leafy vegetables, women need a way to spice up the typical wedding attire. Men have it easy in this regard. One suit can last them a whole wedding season. 

   I’m not a frequent wedding goer but stalking wedding instagram pics has made me well rounded enough in the wedding attire realm to know that we must burn the LBD in a fire ceremony. Out with the old and in with the new, right?

   I’ve been seeing people rocking trousers this wedding season and it so it seems that the trajectory of wedding attire is well on its way to being more open-minded and daring. Without further ado, I give you ways to spice up your wedding attire. Sayonara LBD! 

1: Maxi skirts and crop tops

2: Jumpsuits

3: Trousers and Crop tops




Good Vibez

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  It’s only fitting that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher had a baby this year—whether they know it or not, It symbolizes the rebirth of the 70’s. Maybe if That 70’s Show debuted this year, I could seek inspiration from Donna’s bell-bottoms or Jackie’s mini-skirts. I may have even had something nice to say about Fez’s paisley button downs. I guess I’ll have to settle for inspo through reruns.    

  When I think of the 70's I think of afro-haired teens getting high in a basement. I think of political, social, and economic change for women. Novelist Tom Wolfe defined the era as the "Me Decade." It's no wonder why we're dressing like they did in the  70's. When I think of year 2015 I think of it including all those aforementioned associations; hashtag #Good Vibez and all. I even see more Go Big or Go Home afro hair on the streets ( sans the gals in our community who will be straightening their hair by Steli’s till the end of time. We can thank our mom's yearbooks for scarring us rightfully so. ) We're even freeing the nipple for crying out loud! AND now more than ever people are defining themselves as hipsters-- the hippie spinoff. Now all we need is a disco music revival and possibly a Studio 54 inspired eventbrite SY 70's party and we've officially teleported. 

 I put together some key 70’s pieces for your viewing and purchasing pleasure :)

Click and shop the look!

1: Denim Mini Skirt

2: Fringe Romper

3: Fringe Crossover Bag

4: Wide Legged Jean 

5: Mesh Kimono 




It's Bandanas, B-A-N-D-A-N-A-S

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  Gwen Stefani must’ve forgotten the D in Bandanas but we’ll have to forgive her. In 2005 there was no way she could forecast a trend that has slowly swept the streets of New York this Spring and will continue to make its imprint in the Summer/Fall  ’15 season. Moschino's Jeremy Scott predicted the trend back in June '14 and Style.com's only response was, "Bandanas. Huh?" Well played Jeremy, we are now reaping the benefits. 

  The trend can be summed up in one word, a characteristic we all put on our resume but aren’t really sure what it entails—Versatile. 

1: The Bonnie and Clyde Bandit

Coach F/W 15/16

Coach F/W 15/16

2: The Rosie The Riveter 

3: The Sailor Tie

4: Arm Strong 

5: Head to Toe in Moschino