Happy Hangover Day!

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TBT to T-Swift 2016 in Solid and Striped. 

TBT to T-Swift 2016 in Solid and Striped. 

Most people I know get stoked for July 4th BBQ’s, partaaaays, alcoholic beverages (preferably in the form of jello shots), and the annual excuse to express fervent patriotism via American flag attire. I’m with you on all of the above, but unlike most I take this national holiday to a whole new level.

Because it’s SALE SEASON baby. *bring in the dancing lobsters* wooooooo

Buckle up yo’ seat belts cuz I’m about to take you on a ride through my top four July 4th weekend purchases. They range from designer, to strange, to supah supah strange.

1: Tennis Chic

If you know me, you know I have a strange obsession with fanny packs. I'd like to cordially introduce you all to my new fixation usurping said wallet-belts: Visors.

After doing some research (because where does one purchase a chic hat shield that doesn’t resemble one worn by a tennis player?), I was surprised to find designer visors, like this Eric Javits one from Nordstrom. They're super dope but also it would defeat the whole frugal argument this article is trying to convey.  With that being said, I settled with this thing a majig here. Can't wait to embarrass all my friends in public. <3

2: Summer Loving Sunnies

As a firm believer in the ‘go big or go home’ mantra, I fittingly bought these over sized heart shaped shades. Excited to show them round' the neighborhood. 


3: Ring Leader Swimwear

Solid and Striped has a serious * drool worthy* ring collection and I'm not talking the diamond kind. I want EVERYTHING. But because that's not fiscally possible and there are not enough days in the summer to wear the whole line, I've been waiting for S and S to go on sale. Got this sleek bb and want to start a swimwear circus. 

4: Legendary Creature Floats


Not sure who started this whole unicorn trend but imma speak to them b/c it's just not right exploiting endangered species like that. Animal exploitation aside, I got this little cutie so I can lounge in the pool and drink Rose' like a lady. 

Peace for now!


** unfortunately all purchases are no longer discounted at this time**

The Interview Pants

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    My mom’s method of parenting, an anomaly against the Parenting Handbook for Dummies doctors give out post birth , never told me what to wear or what not to wear. Suggestions were welcome. And inappropriate attire would never make it out the door alive. But never was I awarded a Danny Tanner expression. The one that creeps up alongside your front door as if to say, “You are not leaving the house like that, young lady!” As I could imagine Deejay and Stephanie and even baby Michelle probably experienced growing up in that constraining household. And yes, I’ve been watching too much Fuller House on Netflix.

  It was mostly for the better. But looking back now at old pictures pre-dating high school, warrants me to wonder why nobody ever stopped me before I sped out the front door. If I wanted to show up to middle school in purple argyle socks, a lavender sweater and  magenta pompom earrings that begged me to break out into a cheerleader chant—Like I did on one such occasion—I would have signed up for my school’s musical that year. But because I am tone deaf, and clearly color blind, I would never have thought to do such a thing.

  With my outlet of self-expression through clothing, the sky was, clearly, the limit. Even if that sky was 50 shades of purple. But after jetting out the door one morning this week, I received a text from my mom: “You can’t wear those pants ever again,” It read. I was stunned. I’d been caught. I knew I needed to burn them immediately.

She was referring to the Interview Pants.

The ones I bought before my first interview. Two years ago. They were once navy, and now a shade of light blue, from consecutive wear and overuse. They were made of cotton eyelet. A cross breed between your mom’s pinstripe pants from the 80’s and your dad’s business trousers. “Cigar pants”, the industry calls them. Skinny pants, like its name suggests, with just enough butt room to sit down comfortably in a hot seat— AKA the interviewee chair. There was nothing particularly special about them, no sentimental value, and no lucky charm. It’s seen me through triumph and rejection. Through fumbled words of designers I’ve never heard of and confident rants of my achievements.

There was nothing else in my closet that screamed BIZNESS PROFESH. And so fall turned into spring, turned into fall again. 2014 turned into ‘15 turned into ‘16. And there you had me walking into Elie Tahari that morning with the same pants, violating every outfit repeater offense under the sun.

My mom was right. It was time to say goodbye. Off to the back of the closet they went alongside my sequined shrug. Remember those? They’ve yet to make a comeback. Anyways, I bought myself a pair of dusty pink spring interview pants. I hope my former pants don’t look at this as an act of betrayal but a token of change. Moving on to bigger and better things, right?

 Here are some things you can wear to an interview that says, “I’m not uptight but still sophisticated and chic and I don’t have to wear a suit pant to prove that to you”


Interview Tips:

- Never wear any form of jean

- Flats are fine

- Tailored clothing

- Always bring a copy of your resume. (Lesson learned)

- Memorize your work experience 

- Have a favorite designer and why

- Do your research about the company

- Have a Strength/weakness

- A little about yourself: Major, school, year you're graduating, passions. 

- Ask a question at the end. I usually ask something about the interviewer: What was your career trajectory leading up to this company? What are some day to day tasks here?  

- Make yourself seem like an asset to the company. What skills can you offer them? 

- Throw something you read recently about the company or your favorite piece they've design and why. Something personal and relatable, but not too personal. 


Wallet Belts AKA The Fanny Pack

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   My teacher asked us the other day if we ever had to deal with a disorganized roommate and I’m like I’m that roommate. For a girl who always seems to have her life together, I am a colossal mess. Meticulously chosen, put-together oufits. Always on top of publication deadlines at my internship. Able to multitask school, a job, a blog, and a social life. But G-d forbid I didn’t have my planner on me, my life would go up in flames. That little notebook held my whole life together in high school. I would pencil in everything I had to do down to the time I would shower that night. Neurotic? Pretty much, yeah. But now that I'm in college I’ve calmed down a bit and I’m like, okay I’m a grown up I don’t need to pencil in when I’m going to shower, it’s okay if it’s not on schedule. 

  As for my other life related things, like say, my backpack, it literally looks like it was under brutal attack. I also have a bad habit of throwing my ABC gum into my bag which creeps it’s way onto absolutely EVERYTHING. And even when I do manage to litter my gum on the streets like a bad samaritan probably killing piegons and such, it always comes back like bad karma. 

  Then there's my wallet, always lost in my bag suffocated between loose papers and my ABC gum--and when it’s not--I always manage to leave it somewhere. One time I threw it out along with a half eaten bagel from chock and I had to dig through a garbage can to find it. And then there are all my papers dating back from middle school that I refuse to store anywhere; Scattered all throughout the house, in such a way that makes it difficult to have guests over without having one sit on a paper I'd been looking for since the sixth grade. 

 So what’s a girl to do when she wants to get her life together? 

  She buys a fanny pack. I was a little hesitant at first, I mean, I love the 90's and all but this may have been taking it too far. When I saw one at TopShop I was like, this must be the cool thing to do! And for the last three weeks it’s been my life-saver and my very best friend. It’s by my side whenever I need it. It always keeps me in check. It's like that new girl that shows up to your school from Ohio that will secretly lure the boys once puberty hits. I also totally recommend it as a Hanukah/Christmas gift for your disorderly roomate. 

Boyfriends Anti Boyfriend Jeans

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 I find it ironic but correlated that the popularity of boyfriend jeans has risen with Feminism, a word that tries to blur lines between men and women. The boyfriend jean archetypes the blurred line we’re striving for—the boyfriend jean essentially is the girlfriend’s jean and the girlfriend's jean is the boyfriend's jean.  With androgynous clothing too becoming more mainstream, it’s hard to really draw the line between men and women’s clothing.

Which makes me more exuberant than ever.

 Anyone who went to day camp with me back in the day will tell you I dressed like a boy from my Knicks baseball cap down to my brother’s basketball shorts. I refused to leave the house looking like a girl. I wasn’t going Caitlin Jenner on my parents (too soon to use her name as an adjective?), I would just rather stick my curly fro under a cap and hide my unpainted toes with big chunky sneakers. As I got older I geared towards more manly attire— I loved the structured silhouettes, the button downs, the baggy jeans. One of my guy friends left his locker open for me throughout high school where he left a myriad of H & M men’s sweaters for me in case I wanted to lavish in his men’s clothing. Or in case I got cold during the day.

 The acceptability of women wearing men’s clothing must have originated from a one-night stand. The girl is about to endure the walk of shame and slips on her man’s jeans and wrinkled button down. We see movies and advertisements of women in nothing but their man’s button down and we find that to be sensual. They look like a hot mess, so to speak. I never really thought twice about the act of wearing men’s clothing and the promiscuity it exudes. But it’s come to my attention that not all boyfriends are into the boyfriend jean trend. The Youtube junkie in me came across a Man Repeller Valentine’s segment between Leandra and her Husband Abie that depicted the struggle. 

“What do you find to be my most Man Repelling garment?” Leandra asks.

Before Abie has a chance to really answer she says, “I think I know, you hate all my baggy jeans so much.”

“I don’t like the boyfriend jeans anymore,” Abie says.

“They’re not boyfriend jeans. They’re husband jeans,” Leandra chimes in.

“I feel like your skinny leg in that wide jean… there’s just so much floating fabric,” Abie explains.  

Trying to understand her husband’s sentiment about boyfriend jeans, Leandra says: “I would feel uncomfortable wearing women’s jeans as a man.”

 I guess we really are reaching equality through clothing. If we want women to continue wearing baggy boyfriend jeans, we’re going to have to let men wear skinny girlfriend jeans. Which won't stop me from pondering the outdated question: How in the world are they breathing in there?