Oxymorons are Good for the Soul

by bonnie azoulay in

 For a “Strong Woman

I am very weak

Rosie the Riveter is

Peering into my soul

And questioning

 my womanhood


I practice my No’s in the mirror.

A mantra I rehearse like a small child

Refusing the inundation of veggies

And pinched cheeks


For an outspoken person,

I am silent.

The day’s harsh words

Settle into the abyss of my core

Till late at night when I choose

to answer back to pulseless paper—

Telling the account through poetry.


For a hard worker

I am very lazy

Slipping things under the rug

With the shrug of my shoulders

An attempt to cover up the lie

I.e.  “It’s Okay”, “It’s fine


For my ambitious spirit

I send my apologies

Dreaming big was engulfed long ago

By disappointment and so now,

I am left in a realistic world


One that lives in the shadows

Of a mediocre stigma,

Trying to keep up with

The qualities I embody

Sometimes fall astray

Because Remnants

of a stereotypical woman

have made a mockery

Of my unconventional self