Wallet Belts AKA The Fanny Pack

by bonnie azoulay in

   My teacher asked us the other day if we ever had to deal with a disorganized roommate and I’m like I’m that roommate. For a girl who always seems to have her life together, I am a colossal mess. Meticulously chosen, put-together oufits. Always on top of publication deadlines at my internship. Able to multitask school, a job, a blog, and a social life. But G-d forbid I didn’t have my planner on me, my life would go up in flames. That little notebook held my whole life together in high school. I would pencil in everything I had to do down to the time I would shower that night. Neurotic? Pretty much, yeah. But now that I'm in college I’ve calmed down a bit and I’m like, okay I’m a grown up I don’t need to pencil in when I’m going to shower, it’s okay if it’s not on schedule. 

  As for my other life related things, like say, my backpack, it literally looks like it was under brutal attack. I also have a bad habit of throwing my ABC gum into my bag which creeps it’s way onto absolutely EVERYTHING. And even when I do manage to litter my gum on the streets like a bad samaritan probably killing piegons and such, it always comes back like bad karma. 

  Then there's my wallet, always lost in my bag suffocated between loose papers and my ABC gum--and when it’s not--I always manage to leave it somewhere. One time I threw it out along with a half eaten bagel from chock and I had to dig through a garbage can to find it. And then there are all my papers dating back from middle school that I refuse to store anywhere; Scattered all throughout the house, in such a way that makes it difficult to have guests over without having one sit on a paper I'd been looking for since the sixth grade. 

 So what’s a girl to do when she wants to get her life together? 

  She buys a fanny pack. I was a little hesitant at first, I mean, I love the 90's and all but this may have been taking it too far. When I saw one at TopShop I was like, this must be the cool thing to do! And for the last three weeks it’s been my life-saver and my very best friend. It’s by my side whenever I need it. It always keeps me in check. It's like that new girl that shows up to your school from Ohio that will secretly lure the boys once puberty hits. I also totally recommend it as a Hanukah/Christmas gift for your disorderly roomate.