It's Bandanas, B-A-N-D-A-N-A-S

by bonnie azoulay in

  Gwen Stefani must’ve forgotten the D in Bandanas but we’ll have to forgive her. In 2005 there was no way she could forecast a trend that has slowly swept the streets of New York this Spring and will continue to make its imprint in the Summer/Fall  ’15 season. Moschino's Jeremy Scott predicted the trend back in June '14 and's only response was, "Bandanas. Huh?" Well played Jeremy, we are now reaping the benefits. 

  The trend can be summed up in one word, a characteristic we all put on our resume but aren’t really sure what it entails—Versatile. 

1: The Bonnie and Clyde Bandit

Coach F/W 15/16

Coach F/W 15/16

2: The Rosie The Riveter 

3: The Sailor Tie

4: Arm Strong 

5: Head to Toe in Moschino