Not That Kind of Girl

by bonnie azoulay in photogaph photogaph

10 Reasons why Lena Dunham’s new memoir, “Not that Kind of Girl,” should be your next reading venture. And for those of you in HBO or social media hibernation, Lena is the creator and leading actress in Girls—a show more critiqued for displaying mundane real-life experiences Lena endured in her 20’s than for displaying nudity.

1: Because Lena Dunham wrote it.

2: Because you’ve heard her name in passing and are itching to take part in the controversial opinions encompassing her book.

3: Because she grew up in prospect park and has been to all the same places you have. And her mom’s Jewish. You guys are basically the same person.

4: Because she turned common experiences we all have into a profession that made her rich and famous. You now question if you guys are the same person.

5: Because, to answer your question, even though she’s rich and famous she is still extremely relatable and extremely down to earth. She’s still sporting mismatched picnic tablecloth dresses she’s found in local vintage shops. Just yesterday she showed up on Jimmy Fallon with a full head of cornrows.

6: Because it’s an easy read. It’s a compilation of essays and lists from different stages of her life— unlike a novel that would entail you reading it straight through so you don’t forget the previous chapter. Instead of saying “It’s so good, I can’t put it down! You can say, “It’s so good, I can put it down!”

7: Because she says in her foreword, “ If I can take what I’ve learned and make one mental job easier for you, or prevent you from having the kind of sex where you feel you must keep your sneakers on in case you want to run away during the act, then every misstep of mine will have been worthwhile.” Hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two.

8: Because it’s Friday and you know you have a long cold weekend indoors ahead of you. Not that Kind of Girl would go great with hot chocolate and a blanket under the fireplace. If that’s what you’re into.  

9: Because you’re finally over your last breakup and decide to put Nicholas Sparks back on the shelf where he belongs. You’re looking for something funny. Lena, I solemnly swear, will make you laugh and want to be her for reasons unknown.  

10: Because I highly recommend it and I’d like to think you value my opinions. If you don’t, well then, we can’t be friends.

Once you’ve read it, I suggest you read this review in the NY Times and then discuss the book with me in thorough detail