Happy Hangover Day!

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TBT to T-Swift 2016 in Solid and Striped. 

TBT to T-Swift 2016 in Solid and Striped. 

Most people I know get stoked for July 4th BBQ’s, partaaaays, alcoholic beverages (preferably in the form of jello shots), and the annual excuse to express fervent patriotism via American flag attire. I’m with you on all of the above, but unlike most I take this national holiday to a whole new level.

Because it’s SALE SEASON baby. *bring in the dancing lobsters* wooooooo

Buckle up yo’ seat belts cuz I’m about to take you on a ride through my top four July 4th weekend purchases. They range from designer, to strange, to supah supah strange.

1: Tennis Chic

If you know me, you know I have a strange obsession with fanny packs. I'd like to cordially introduce you all to my new fixation usurping said wallet-belts: Visors.

After doing some research (because where does one purchase a chic hat shield that doesn’t resemble one worn by a tennis player?), I was surprised to find designer visors, like this Eric Javits one from Nordstrom. They're super dope but also it would defeat the whole frugal argument this article is trying to convey.  With that being said, I settled with this thing a majig here. Can't wait to embarrass all my friends in public. <3

2: Summer Loving Sunnies

As a firm believer in the ‘go big or go home’ mantra, I fittingly bought these over sized heart shaped shades. Excited to show them round' the neighborhood. 


3: Ring Leader Swimwear

Solid and Striped has a serious * drool worthy* ring collection and I'm not talking the diamond kind. I want EVERYTHING. But because that's not fiscally possible and there are not enough days in the summer to wear the whole line, I've been waiting for S and S to go on sale. Got this sleek bb and want to start a swimwear circus. 

4: Legendary Creature Floats


Not sure who started this whole unicorn trend but imma speak to them b/c it's just not right exploiting endangered species like that. Animal exploitation aside, I got this little cutie so I can lounge in the pool and drink Rose' like a lady. 

Peace for now!


** unfortunately all purchases are no longer discounted at this time**