Summer '16 Fashion Statements

by bonnie azoulay

Srsly feeling neglectful of this baby of mine, like put it in its bugaboo stroller and left it at the supermarket. It's been four months since I completely abandoned this platform and I wish I had a good enough reason for it. But TBH, It's the same reason that guy told you he can't go on a second date when you flat out saw him (okay, via Facebook) out with friends at a bar on a Tuesday night. Two words: "I'm busy." It's the most bullshit line after, "I'll be ready in five minutes." (5 minutes means 30 in girl's time, am I right ladies?) If you feel so strongly about something, you would make time for it. I've been writing for and it's super cool and I'm totally bragging about it right now because I worked so hard to get here, but there's nothing like writing for pleasure. Writing about T-swift and Kanye's feud and Gimabattista Valli, (pronunciation here, because it took me three times too) is exciting and all, but I'd rather share with you guys 5 top trends/fashion statements I've been observing this summer. Peruse them all below!

1: Kylie Jenner Inspired Dutch Braids:

This especially resonates with me as I'm particularly overjoyed when I get the opportunity to dress like a little girl. Think overalls and onesies and Limited Too scrunchies. 

2: Day to Night Shoes

 Athleisure wear hit its peak this year but I've been seeing these Stella McCartney platforms everywhere; a perfect day to night shoe. Slipins like these Gucci flats below are also making their mark. 

3: Pom Poms and Tassels Galore

Often when I walk the streets of Norwood I feel like I'm suffocating in a world engulfed by pom-poms and tassels. So I thought I'd combine the two to describe how strongly I feel about it. They're chic now, but once fall rolls in I want them all exported back to China. 

4: The I-Just-Got-Off-The-Beach party outfit

This ensemble seems simple enough and I'm not one for simplicity but this look truly does the job. The job being "I just got off the beach and didn't try so hard" vibe when you walk into a sunday night party. It's easy and chic. Pair it with a white beach shirt and swap the one piece for a triangle top if you're feelin' it. 

5: Statement Earrings:

These Rosie Assoulin's are from Fall 2015, but I started to really notice big bold earrings this season. They're timeless showstoppers. Safe to say statement earrings are the new chokers or too soon?