Want to Get Coffee Sometime?

by bonnie azoulay


In an old post called the art of asking I expressed how much asking for things became the 'trendy' thing to do now. I've heard countless successful coffee meeting stories where people landed their dream job and such. So I thought I'd give it a try. It's something light. It's something difficult to say no too. My first exchange was with a blogger who worked for Man Repeller. I expressed how much I loved her work and we mutualized over similiar career paths. We plan on meeting when she moves to NY. From there I've been reaching out to rando people I find cool asking them (creepy?) to go for coffee with me.

Side Note: I Hate coffee 

  Was it nervewracking to ask her for their time? Yes. What did I have to lose? Nothing. I just emailed someone who I'd consider more up there in the fashion world, hoping for a coffee date-- Marie Claire's executive director. I'd been interning under her leadership for months and had no idea she was an orthodox Jew brought up in lakewood till I came across Fashion-isha's interview with her speaking about her upbringing and the her role in the magazine industry. 

I'm no expert Coffee Dater but I think the most difficult part of the exchange is the initial asking. The subject line. The email content. What would make her even open the email? It's a vulnerable thing to put yourself out there, but again, what do I have to lose?

1: Show interest and passion in their work

2: Ask specifically for what you want to speak to them about

3: Acknowledge their time is valuable

4: Don't be afraid of rejection


Subject Line: Advice for a Marie Claire Intern?

Hi Lea!

My name's Bonnie. I recently interned for Jenna Blaha in Marie Claire's editorial department. I just came across your interview with Fashion-isha's Sharon Langert. I wish I knew you were working mere cubicles away from me, I would have loved to introduce myself! 

 You touched on some great points in your exchange with Sharon about modern women and the fashion industry. As an orthodox Jew who grew up in Flatbush, Brooklyn, it was difficult acclimating to the magazine industry myself. As an avid Marie Claire reader for years it's enlightening to know someone as relatable as you is one of the empowering women behind their company.  

As a rising college senior at FIT, I would love to ask a few questions of advice over coffee. Does any time next week work for you? 

Thank you for your time,

Bonnie Azoulay