Taste of Nostalgia

by bonnie azoulay in


Nostalgia is grandma’s potato salad

The one I used to eat as a kid.

Back then I let the oil drip



Down my chin

Without asking for a napkin

To blot out the mess

Or the calories.

Nostalgia is candid family photos

The ones I’d take with crooked teeth

Back then there was no filter

Valencia was just a dot on the map.

Nostalgia is the Deal Casino

The one I used to frequent as a kid.

Back then I walked around bottomless

My childhood friends and I

Unknowingly mooning the Jersey Shore

and all of its inhabitants.

Giving a f**

Was not yet a feeling

Nor a word

In our limited vocabulary.

Swimmies were life’s only burden

Carried between our shoulders.

Our only boundaries

Were the deep end

To the diving board.

Being a good girl

Rewarded you a lollipop

Or later bed time 

Not a good reputation.

Excited over little things

Gushers and Dunkaroo’s

Oakhurst bus rides

Laughing over made up games

And made up places.

Chronicling a Narnia of childhood.

We were part of something

Free of trepidation

We were part of innocence.