Outfit Repeater Offenders

by bonnie azoulay in


We've all had a Kate Sanders in our life. The girl who takes every chance to make a jab at you. And if you watched Lizzie Mcquire as religiously as I did growing up then you'd remember the infamous scene where Kate screams at graduation, "Lizzie Mcquire, you are an outfit repeater!" To which Lizzie replies, "I may be an outfit repeater, but you are an outfit remember, which is just as pathetic!" Is it pathetic? Or are we all victim to both the role of fashion repeater and fashion remember?

 I'd like to think I'm open minded; liberal. Call it what you want. I'm open to a myriad of diverse ideas and opinions. Even when it comes to looks, I pride myself in being able to see the beauty in everyone. Rarely will you hear me talk bad about someone's appearance. Call me out on it and I'll buy you a soda or something. 

Bad fashion though, is where my threshold ends. I'm the native New Yorker who sits on a bench on fashion ave and critiques everyone's choice of dress. 

"A fedora? Are you joking me?!" "Brown and black don't match ya idiot." 

"C'mon this isn't saint Patricks day. Put the green hair away." 

"You could do better than that! You so basic!" 

 I'm like Joan Rivers, Jewish and hauntingly critical about people's way of dress. But I guess anyone who's passionate about something is most critical at what they think they're good at. Take the perfect grammar freak dotting all your I's and crossing out pretenses and such. 

 When I was in elementary school I went through a very real phase where I'd quite literally match everything. (I feel you Saint Patrick's chick.) If my mental calendar said purple day I'd wear purple Pom Pom earrings from Claire's, a purple hard tail skirt, a purple billabong tee and purple ballet flats. My matching obsession got so bad that I showed up to school wearing an argyle shirt with argyle stockings. One girl outspokenly said, "what in Gd's name are you wearing?" Listen Kate, (her name wasn't really Kate) this is ME. I'm a matching freak and I think it's rad. 

 Fortunately, in high school, my weird fashion ways evened out. I'd over dress to school while simultaneously making sure I NEVER repeated an outfit. It was so sacred to me; my biggest fashion fear. People took notice, "How do you never wear the same thing?!" Remember those bar mitzvah days when you bought a gazillion dresses and wouldn't dare repeat any? That's how I carried on all four years of high school. 

 Nowadays, I let myself repeat an outfit. I've even come to own some staple items. *gasp*. I've realized though I've loosened up because every day I have different people in my class. I do it only because I can get away with it. Rule of thumb: If you know there's going to be a totally different crowd, repeat it. If you know the crowd's going to be the same since the last time you wore it, delete it. (Or at least change part of the outfit so it looks different). What you can't delete are the pictures you put on social media with the targeted outfit. That's a whole other ball game I'm trying to find a loophole for.