Life's a Fence

by bonnie azoulay

By: Fortune Chalme

The title “Life’s a Fence” refers to the struggle between breaking the fence and feeling trapped by it.

"Intimacy without touching" performed by Fortune and her husband Sammy. They run to eachother 12 times without touching (resembling the 12 days a wife is in nidah), and on the 13th time they touch. 

The pressures of being a newly married woman

The Fan is a video in which I am performing as a bride who is overwhelmed by the pressure of feeling that she must act in a certain way. She is nervous and she is letting the fan takeover her. She concludes with turning the fan off and gaining back control.
In the cake video, again I am dressed as a bride and am determined to bring my wedding cake to the ocean as a final send off. The cake crumbles through the waves and is eaten by the birds. The ending of one thing leads to the beginnings of something new.

Fortune is 25 years old and wed her husband, Sammy Chalme, in 2012. She went to Flatbush Yeshiva high school and went on to graduate the School of Visual Arts.