Splitting of the Sea

by bonnie azoulay


@ 1:25 - End


  Ah, The Splitting of The Sea; The Great Divide! The metaphor behind this miracle most obvious and most archetypal of my writing style would be to talk about the gender divide—or “gender inequality” to use the more controversial, trendy term. But I will stray away from topics so mundane and overused in the millennial dialect.

  Rather, the great divide between all Jews alike seems to be a much greater problem. I’m not talking about the contrast between Ashkenaz descent or Sephardi, but between reform, conservative, and orthodox Jews. We are categorized according to the halachot we keep and the way we interpret the Torah. And I think that’s okay. I believe in labels. (gasp). I believe in labels because there needs to be a way the brain simplifies people and things.

  People are labeled according to the halachot they keep beyond the lines of reformed, orthodox, and conservative. There are the people whose families eat out. And there are people whose family keep Shabbat—but turn on the lights. I’m not judging any of those things in a relation to it being wrong or right. It just is . It’s just a depiction of how we label people and how we go about our business. Judaism doesn’t just restrict who we’re allowed to date but the halachot within Judaism do as well. In our community, marrying a reformed man would be almost as blasphemous as marrying a gentile. Marrying a man who doesn’t keep Shabbat or kosher would not fly by my folks either.

 And we are being washed up in this great abyss of division and technicality that sometimes we forget that at the end of the day all these denominations are of Jewish descent. Just some food for thought before it’s Passover and you’re only left with cardboard and macaroons.


P.s: The Video was just for your amusement--but seriously if you don't watch Broad City, GET ON IT.