by bonnie azoulay

   If, like me, you are a sucker for rom-com’s and perpetually cry your eyes out up until the credits roll in with a song that has nothing to do with the genre of the movie, then you’ve come to the right place. If, like me, you’re on a whole other level of weirdness and don’t just cry from expected tear jerkers like The Notebook, but from Pixar movies like Inside Out, you’ve also come to the right place! (I mourned Allie and Noah’s devastating death the same way as I did Bing Bong’s.)

Scenario: You’re home sick in bed and want to cry your eyes out till last night's mascara runs out. Here are three “Where have you been all my life!?” movies you didn’t know existed:


1: Like Crazy

So maybe i'm a tad biased about this one because Anna, the female counterpart, is a romantic poetry fanatic like me and spoiler alert, she ends up becoming a junior editor at a magazine--making her a prime candidate to acquire my envied dream job. BUT, unlike me, she is from the UK and has a super sexy accent and a super sexy American boyfriend. This Sundance Festival-winning film as a whole chronicles Anna and Jacob's long distance relationship after Anna overstays her Visa and is not allowed back into America. 

    The first scene captivates how romanticized their relationship really is, that is seems almost unreal. All semester long she's been writing about him, and on the last day of class she decides to place those papers on his car with her number and a tag line that says, "P.S: Don't think I'm crazy." Because it is a movie, he doesn't think she's crazy, he actually finds it to be sweet. 


2: The Spectacular Now:

 After watching this movie I wanted nothing more than to be Shailene Woodley and nothing more than to meet Miles Teller and ask him if he would have my babies. Because those are both unrealistic feats, I stalked both of them till my fingers tingled with early signs of carpal tunnel.  It's your typical Sweet Good girl meets Comical Bad Boy love story. Both have screwed up families. There's a first-time sex scene. All the typical-ness makes it your next guilty pleasure thriller. 

3: White Bird in a Blizzard

Because I was so obsessed with Shailene, like aforementioned above, I found this eery contrast. Shailene plays Kat, a teenage girl whose wacko mother disappers and unassuming father stays silent and sad for years. The title of the film relfects the recurring dreams she has about her mother in a white blizaard. There's drama, seduction, lying, cheating, therapy, sex, and all the other good stuff. It's very Gone Girl meets American Beaty.