Breakup poetry need not be understood by outsiders

by bonnie azoulay in

On our second date

You asked quite eager

If I wrote a poem 

About you

You broke my heart

Before I got the chance to



They said I couldn't change him

But when I walked past            

Our favorite cafe                          

I saw him sipping his tea                

With honey                                    

And before I met him                      

He would sip his tea                      

With sugar 

For that

I knew I'd changed him



He'll forget me

Until he sees

Molly Ringwald.

"Isn't she beautiful?"

I'd always say.

Her old films 

No longer on T.V.

I'll remember him

Every time I see

The sun setting.

"Isn't it beautiful?" 

He'd always say.

The sun sets 

Every day.